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Product Information
Saving And Investment Plans Future Generali Assure Plus
The plan offers multiple term options to suit your needs. Based on your financial goals, you have the flexibility of paying for a limited period and staying invested for a longer period to reap higher benefits.


  • Maturity Benefit:
  • In case the Life Assured survives till the end of the Policy Term, provided all due premiums have been paid, the Sum Assured plus accrued bonus and Terminal Bonus, (if any) will be payable.
  • Death Benefit
  • In case of an unfortunate demise of the Life Assured during the Policy Term, the benefit payable to the nominee is the higher of: Death Sum Assured plus vested bonus plus Terminal Bonus, if any. 105% of total premiums paid (excluding Goods & Services Tax, extra premiums, if any). Where Death Sum Assured is higher of: Sum Assured, or 10 times the annualized premium if age of the Life Assured is less than 45 years or 7 times the annualized premium if age of the Life Assured is greater than or equal to 45 years

Age at Entry3 to 55 years

Age at Maturity18 to 70 years

Policy Term15/20/25 years

Minimum Premium12,000/- per annum

Minimum Sum Assured1 Lakh

Maximum Sum Assured5 Crore

Premium Payment Term(PPT):PPT: 7/ 10/ 12 for 15 years Policy Term
PPT: 10/ 12/ 15/ 17 for a 20 year Policy Term
PPT: 12/ 15/ 17/ 20 for a 25 year Policy Term