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Product Information
Saving And Investment Plans Bharti AXA Secure Income Plan
Pay limited Premiums with this saving plan depending on the term you choose. At the end of your chosen term, you start receiving 8% p.a. of the Sum Assured as guaranteed Monthly income*. On Maturity you will receive the Sum Assured plus guaranteed additions as benefits.


  • Limited pay guaranteed income plan.
  • Guaranteed additions of up to 10% (depending on plan term chosen) regularly added during the plan term.
  • Guaranteed benefit at Maturity.
  • Enjoy Tax benefits on the Premiums paid and pay-out benefits received.
Minimum age at entry 3 years for 15 years Policy Term
1 year for 17 years Policy Term
0 year for 20 years Policy Term
Maximum age at entry 65 years for 15 years Policy Term
63 years for 17 years Policy Term
60 years for 20 years Policy Term
Maximum Maturity Age 80 years
Minimum Premium 
Excluding service tax and cess
For 15 years Policy Term
Rs.30,000 for Annual Mode
Rs.15,600 for Semi-Annual Mode
Rs.8,100 for Quarterly Mode
Rs.2,700 for Monthly Mode
For 17 years Policy Term
Rs.24,000 for Annual Mode
Rs.12,480 for Semi-Annual Mode
Rs.6,480 for Quarterly Mode
Rs.2,160 for Monthly Mode
For 20 years Policy Term
Rs.18,000 for Annual Mode
Rs.9,360 for Semi-Annual Mode
Rs.4,860 for Quarterly Mode
Rs.1,620 for Monthly Mode
Policy Term 15, 17 and 20 years
Premium Payment Term 5, 7 and 10 years for 15, 17 and 20 years Policy Term respectively
Premium Payment Modes Annual, Semi annual, Quarterly & Monthly