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Ramesh Chordia's insuregain.com is an insurance association that enlightens and empowers people to select the most appropriate insurance products for their diversified requirements.

We put the well being of our policy owners first and that's where our strength is. Our objective is to provide our clients with the very best we can offer from offering cutting-edge life insurance products to add-on services
As Insurance is a valuable investment, we want you to feel fulfilled with the policies you buy. We have not only support with new products, but have also passed on improvements to our existing policy owners.

Customer Satisfaction is the keyword for the success of insuregain and that's the reason today we have over 729 satisfied clients and the list of customers is getting increased day by day. This phenomenal growth rate is the outcome of the trust that we have built with our clientele.

Keeping abreast
Ramesh Chordia, 44/ LIC

Ramesh Chordia, a mathematics graduate, was no stranger to financial planning-vehicle financing is his family business. His tryst with insurance began when he took an LIC policy for himself for a sum assured of Rs 10 lakh in 1999-considered high in those days. This also set him thinking about becoming an agent himself. In 2001, he was ranked 7th among LIC agents across India for the number of policies sold, and came within the top 25 agents under the "Highest Sum Assured" and "Highest Premium Earned" categories.

Chordia has had to reinvent himself at every step. "Even when I was being given awards by the LIC directors, I knew that I had to live up to the pressure of performing better. The only way this can be done is by keeping abreast of everything that happens in the financial world," he says. He took sub-brokerships with larger distributors and has broadened his portfolio of offerings beyond LIC (which today accounts for half his annual income of Rs 12 lakh).

Chordia is planning to start an independent insurance broking firm (both general and life) by applying to IRDA for a licence-but that will be later. Right now, he is busy selling LIC policies to the most conservative, and pointing out risks, expenses, advantages and disadvantages of ULIPs to others. This exercise is proving to be invaluable. "People trust an agent if he does well by them. Otherwise, they could just go to a bank and buy the insurance product the bank sells them," he says.

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