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Date of Withdrawal: 01-Jan-2014
Plan No. 106
  • Jeevan Surabhi 15 years
    is a unique plan with right blend of Risk Cover and periodic returns.
  • Ideal for any one wanting a good growth in risk cover year after year and also expecting periodic cash back.
  • Premium is payable for 12 years.
  • Survival benefits are payable at regularintervals (see table below). Full sum assured is paid back by the end of the premium paying period.
  • Bonus is payable at the end of the term.
  • The life cover starts with Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus. It grows by 50 % of Sum Assured every 5 years thereby providing greater protection with increasing responsibilities.
  • Optional Add-on Riders available: Accident & Permanent Disability Rider
Eligibility Criteria
Min Max.
Age 14 55
Term 15 15
Sum 50,000 No limit
Premium Modes Yly, Hly, Qly, Mly, Single , SSS
Yearly Premium for 10,00,000 Sum Assured
Age 15/12 Years
25 104069
30 105718
35 108628
40 113333
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